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6mm 'Saw-cut' plate for Robo Joiner

  • $179.00

This plate works the same as the groove plate, and mounts in the same way, you just need to change the blade option with the correct blade, It has a slim line that is thinner (non radius) it is a profile that is 3-6mm wide taper on the extruded fin underneath that is 25mm deep, once tool has run it leaves a fine line that is visual as a 6mm saw cut control joint sharp look.


  • No messy cleanup or washing concrete residue down our drains into our waterways.
  • Quieter work sites
  • Enhanced crack control - cracking where supposed to in grooves cut
  • Improved OH&S due to reduced risk of ear, eye, hand, arm, or back injury
  • Cost savings - no more consumable parts such as diamond saw blades

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